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But with successive hearings it becomes less and less satisfactory; if one tries to think of it as a totality, it becomes elusive. Perhaps the important unstated thesis in Voices in Stone and Steel —a thoroughly readable, fascinating, and necessary book—is the de-vivifying effect of professionalization on all creative and visionary endeavors in the American world since World War II.

What would Schuman, Persichetti, and Mennin have achieved composition-wise had they been as independent, both in their careers and their worldviews, as the great eccentrics who pioneered a genuine American art-music, such as Charles Ives, Carl Ruggles, and Henry Cowell? Or what, simply, might the three men have achieved had they lived in a more human age than the Age of Ideologies? Thomas F. He writes about literature, music, religion, politics, and culture.

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Then a chapter of varying length is devoted to each of the composers, essentially a stand-alone piece for the reader interested only in that composer. An page index making the work a useful research tool rounds it out. Each chapter is organized in the same manner: a brief introductory section is followed by a detailed biography, which is in turn followed by a brief section giving generalizations about the composer's music and its evolution, and ending with a list of the most representative works.

Then begins the detailed analysis of the works in their context broken down into the periods of development identified in the previous section, usually early, middle, and later with sub-divisions as related to the individual composer. The chapter concludes with a brief summary that focuses on the impact of the music and its current exposure in the concert hall and on recordings.

The text is authoritative and, at the same time, eminently readable for both the expert and the novice. On the other side of the Iron Curtain , these bands tended to be stylistically more conservative than in the West, to have more reserved engineering, and often to include more classical and traditional structures such as those developed by Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht in their s Berlin theater songs. These groups often featured poetic lyrics loaded with indirect double-meanings and deeply philosophical challenges to the status quo. As such, they were a style of Krautrock.

There was also a wide diversity of underground bands. By s the German band Wir sind Helden found success with a new musical self-confidence.

This success was followed by several other bands and a broader acceptance of existing German-language recording artists, such as:. The Notwist , an indie rock band, had great critical and commercial success with their album Neon Golden. In the late s prior to reunification and the s, Synthpop and Eurodance became popular throughout Germany. Often, different styles were mixed in between these to attract a broad variety of audiences. Successful representatives of these styles were:.

Popular bands and performers include Culcha Candela , Dr. Hip hop in Germany arrived in the early s, and graffiti and breakdancing became well-known quickly, even in socialist East Germany [11]. German hip hop "started out as a transnational youth subculture. An early influential group was Advanced Chemistry including Torch. They sparked an interest in speaking out for the immigrants and used rap as a way to defend themselves. They sing about funny topics, such as infidelity and boasting about their prowess with women. Whereas hip hop had a peak of success in the early first decade of the 21st century, gangster rap became a controversial part of German music and youth culture just as late as with Aggro Berlin.

Punk music in Germany has a long and diverse history. When bands like the Sex Pistols and The Clash became popular in West Germany, a number of Punk bands were formed, which led to the creation of a German punk scene. Early German punk groups were heavily influenced by UK bands, often writing their lyrics in English. The main difference is that German punk bands hadn't yet become political.

Voices In The Wilderness: Six American Neo Romantic Composers by Walter Simmons

Beginning in the late s and early s there were new movements within the German punk scene, led by labels like ZickZack Records, from Hamburg. Many of these bands played experimental post-punk , often using synthesizers and computers. Both are still active, though they've changed their style several times.

In response to these developments, some bands played a more aggressive style of punk rock, because they didn't consider the experimental bands Punk. There are few German language bands who managed to be successful for a longer period. Both were formed in the early s but have very different approaches to punk. Digital hardcore band Atari Teenage Riot is particularly well known in the United Kingdom and Japan as well as in German autonomist circles. Germany has a long and strong history with heavy metal. It is considered by many [ who? The genre is quite popular and mainstream within the country.

Germany has a strong tradition of speed metal and power metal. The European style of power metal, developed in Germany, was popularized by German bands like Blind Guardian , Helloween and Gamma Ray , and gained international recognition. In many cases these bands initially started out playing speed metal, but later switched to power metal. More recently, a new generation of power metal-influenced bands like Masterplan , Orden Ogan , Kissin' Dynamite and Powerwolf is becoming more and more popular in Germany and abroad.

Running Wild are also considered a pioneer of the pirate metal genre with the release of their album Under Jolly Roger , which was one of the first pirate-themed heavy metal albums.

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Three local variants of metal subgenres exist in Germany. Medieval metal , a branch of folk metal , incorporates German traditional music with industrial metal. It combines the common sound of metal with elements of gothic and industrial music as well as electronic samples and is mostly sung in German. It is known for morbid and provocative lyrical themes and over-the-top stage shows often featuring fire, pyrotechnic, stunts and other special effects.

It draws its audience from both the metal and goth scene. Some bands, especially Rammstein and Oomph!

Medieval metal or medieval rock is a subgenre of folk metal that blends hard rock or heavy metal music with medieval folk music. Medieval metal is mostly restricted to Germany where it is known as Mittelalter-Metal or Mittelalter-Rock.

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  2. American Traditionalist Composers and the Music of Samuel Jones – Walter Simmons.
  3. Neue Fenster (German Edition);
  4. The genre emerged from the middle of the s with contributions from Subway to Sally , In Extremo , Schandmaul and Wolgemut. The style is characterised by the prominent use of a wide variety of traditional folk and medieval instruments.

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    Germany is the home of a vivid Goth scene, and has a large scene of musicians from the spectrum who are typically known as Goth musicians. Leipzig is home of the largest event of this subculture worldwide called the Wave-Gotik-Treffen , regularly hosting 25, attendants. Neue Deutsche Todeskunst engl. Germany has the largest electronic music scene in the world [ citation needed ] and has a long tradition in and influence on almost all genres of electronic music.

    The band Kraftwerk was one of the first bands in the world to make music entirely on electronic equipment, and the band Tangerine Dream is often credited as being among the originators and primary influences of the "Berlin School" of electronic music, which would later influence trance music. Artists on the cutting edge of German-language techno include Klee. In the s, Germany was one of the most successful contributors to the Eurodance genre, with notable German-based acts including Snap! He nowadays is one of the most famous performers of electronic music.

    Trance music is a style of electronic music that originated in Germany in the very late s and early s, upon German unification.

    Wrecking Ball

    Following the development of trance music in Germany, many Trance genres stemmed from the original trance music and most trance genres developed in Germany, most notably " Anthem trance " or also called "uplifting" or "epic" trance, progressive trance , and " Ambient trance". One of the most notable event referring to this scene was the Love Parade festival with up to 1. Scooter are by far the most successful German dance act, having found huge national and international success. Germany became a hotbed for klezmer music in the s, and has produced many of the most popular bands in the field since then.

    Controversially, many or most of the German klezmer bands are not, in fact, Jewish. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.